Vodafone Idea opens 300 new retail stores in five states

In an effort to increase the size of its retail presence, Vodafone Idea (VIL) has introduced 300 new format Vi stores in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal and UP West. It also intends in the coming months to consolidate its position in more rural markets. The company said in its statement that Vi has put in place 300 new Vi store formats across several locations in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal and UP West to build its footprint in sub-district level retailing. Customers will have access to a prompt face-to-face service as well as a variety of unique products and offers in Indapur, Maharashtra; Hapur in Western UP; Insights in West Bengal; Usilampatti in Tamil Nadu; Baioli in Kerala; And hundreds of other similar sites.

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The business has ensured that local customers will have a consistent experience at Vi Stores in Level 3 municipalities, allowing for timely support and assistance. The new shape store design adheres to the distinctive characteristics of existing urban Vi stores. According to the company, Vi stores will provide a full range of Vi prepaid goods and services and allow people who are less tech-savvy to take advantage of Vi services across a table, leading to improved customer experience and more engagement.

With a wide range of offerings, including those coordinated as a result of alliances with subject professionals in the areas of careers and skills, government exam preparation, and English proficiency, among others, the company also hopes to increase outreach with rural consumers, Livemint report said. .

A large portion of customers in rural India still prefer the convenience and familiarity of direct service provided through physical store coordination, according to Abjit Kishore, chief operating officer of Vodafone Idea. Moreover, the increase in mobile internet usage in India has been driven by rural areas. Kishore continued that the concept of Vi Store, which will allow millions of Indians to connect digitally for a better future, is how we are rethinking our rural retail strategy to meet this demand.

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