Try Windows 11 from the browser

It has been one year since the release of Windows 11, although it is more appreciated than Windows 10 in terms of interface, features and security, users are still reluctant to upgrade. Because Windows 11 is an incomplete operating system, not to mention the accuracy of the hardware configuration.

But if you’re planning to upgrade or want to see what Windows 11 is like, Digital Experience wants to share a way to try it. You don’t need to install anything, just open the browser on any device and open the below site and try it.

Win11React is a free website that provides a Windows 11 emulator interface, you can interact with the applications on this operating system, change the wallpaper, you can even surf the web in Microsoft Edge, etc. For the best experience, you have to do it from a PC.

Open you Win11React Homepage You will see the login screen, click on the screen > hold sign in to log in.

Try Windows 11 from browser 1

Try Windows 11 from the browser 2

Try Windows 11 from the browser 3.

When you enter the desktop, you will be presented to the website by Win11 React. Click OK, I understand to close it.

The desktop interface that appears on the webpage is just like Windows 11. Now, try clicking on the Start menu button, the search button, or the apps on the taskbar to see what it’s like to use it.

Try Windows 11 from the browser 4.During testing, the author was able to open all the apps on the taskbar and in the Start menu. You can notice that you can only search in the functional items, not open the settings, but using the personalization section in the settings, you can change the theme.

Try Windows 11 from the browser 5.Compared with Windows 10, Windows 11 right-click menu is more beautiful, you can directly in this website. Win11React has the following desktop wallpaper option built in to switch to a new wallpaper for this emulator’s desktop.

Try Windows 11 from the browser 6.

Settings screen interface.

Try Windows 11 from an 8 browser

Widget interface, containing screen widgets located on the left edge of the screen.

Try Windows 11 from a 7 browser

Microsoft Store app store interface.

Try Windows 11 from a 9 browser.

File Explorer data manager interface.

Try Windows 11 from a 10 browser

Web browsing interface on Microsoft Edge.

One of the things I really love about the Windows 11 web experience is that you can browse normally in the default Microsoft Edge browser. You hit the browser icon to check instantly.

Try Windows 11 from an 11 browser.After the experiment is completed, you can go to the Start menu and perform a shutdown (shutdown).

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