The Top 10 Colin Farrell Movies, According to Box Office Mojo

Colin Farrell is going into a great tournament for 2022, first with his role as Penguin in Batman Then in Ron Howard’s Tham Luang Cave Rescue, thirteen lives. In the film, Pharrell portrays British cave diver John Volanthen as he fights alongside fellow divers Richard Stanton (Viggo Mortensen) and Richard Harris (Joel Edgerton) to save the life of a soccer team.

Since this movie airs on Amazon Prime, it doesn’t make bucks at the box office. Batman did, but this does not necessarily mean that The Dark Knight The restart is Farrell’s first financial success.

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10 Alexander (2004) – $167 million

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Oliver Stone Alexander It may be one of Farrell’s highest-grossing films, but it wasn’t a hit. The film that has been shown on screens is basically unfinished, as there is a vast difference between the theatrical version and the director’s version. The first, while still very long, doesn’t even have a cohesive structure, which makes a box office failure (given the huge budget) somewhat predictable.

Alexander It carried a price tag of $155 million, which meant that he would have needed to liquidate about $500 million worldwide to make a profit. While that, Box Office Mojo The domestic tally is estimated at just over $34 million, which is disastrous. Overseas movie gross didn’t help much, like Alexander It only managed to liquidate $167 million worldwide.

9 Daredevil (2003) – $183 million

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reckless He was right when Farrell (and somehow superhero movies) were exploding on the scene. Tigerland It was a major debut and put its name on the charts of major studios, and was only one of several Farrell-led films from 2003.

It was his biggest hit since the year, but unfortunately, the bad word drowned out the fearless guy rather quickly. With that being said, while the movie as a whole is rather weak, Farrell is a blast as ace Hitman Bullseye. Box Office Mojo He puts the budget at $78 million, which then doubled some to $179 million — respectable, but not enough to achieve reckless The latest big Marvel franchise.

8 SWAT (2003) – $208 million

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SWAT Two notable actors are now given fairly impressive roles early in their careers: Farrell and Jeremy Renner. They are two members of a team tasked with escorting a key leader to prison. However, when a prisoner offers up to $100 million to whoever will be released, the men reveal their true colors. The duality allows the two to enjoy some roles, and their last fight is particularly memorable.

The film was one of several big films to end the 2003 summer film season. Its opening weekend even eclipsed the debut of fellow August releases American weddingAnd the freaky fridayAnd the Freddy vs. Jason. Even so, it was only a modest success. according to Box Office MojoAnd the SWAT Hit the screens with a budget of $80 million. By the time the film finished worldwide, the film had grossed $207.7 million. While he’s definitely a respectable character, it wasn’t enough to get a theatrical sequel to the movie.

7 Total Recall (2012) – $212 million

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Like the 1990 Paul Verhoeven classic Schwarzenegger movie, Total Recall (2012) is a relatively loose adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s We Can Remember You in Bulk. The remake doesn’t stray too far from the original movie, basically it’s a shot with updated special effects and less graphic content. Unfortunately, even with Farrell playing a fast-paced futuristic spy, there’s very little in the 2012 movie that stands out.

The original movie may not have been as popular as Sony thought or maybe there were too many similar movies on the market, but unlike Total Recall (1990), the remake was a box office bomb. The new film received less than half of the original film domestically (via Box Office Mojo), despite 12-year inflation.

6 Terrible Bosses (2011) – $212 million

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A fair argument can be made that Farrell’s Bobby Pellitt (Chief Kurt Buckman from Jason Sudeikis) is the highlight of Very bad managers. At the very least, it was an unconventional role for the actor, and he escaped with a very brief period of time on screen. Impressive, considering that the movie also features Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman, and Charlie Day (when he wasn’t shooting episodes of the well-written movie) It’s always sunny in Philadelphia).

Box Office Mojo reports that Very bad managers He did well for himself (a fate his arguably superior successor did not face). With a budget of only $35 million, Very bad managers It cleared more than $200 million worldwide, more than $100 million of which came from the United States and Canada alone.

5 Epic (2013) – $268 million

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epic It was one of Blue Sky Studios’ biggest gambles; Of the production house’s 13 animated films, five are ice Age (including the first), one had Peanuts Brand name, while another name for Dr. Seuss was in the title. epicIt was, however, based on a beautiful, but relatively unknown, personal children’s book titled Leaf men and brave good bugs. Even with an exceptional team (including Farrell as a kind-hearted warrior trying to pass lessons on deaf ears).

Box Office Mojo It puts the film’s budget at $100 million, and while its worldwide gross is $268 million it’s not in the same league as later ice Age In installments, it was a modest hit in itself.

4 Dumbo (2019) – $353 million

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Tim Burton’s live action has begun Dumbo It was completely different from the classic cartoon version. Most notably, there are no talking animals. Instead, the role of friend once played by Timothy Q Mouse is now populated by Pharrell Holt Farrier, a former circus actor turned veteran, father and elephant.

Even with an amazing cast including Farrell, Michael Keaton, Eva Green, and Danny DeVito, Dumbo It only pulled in just under $115 million domestically (per Box Office Mojo). It grossed nearly $240 million internationally, but Burton’s live-action remake also featured a whopping $170 million budget.

3 Minority Report (2002) – $359 million

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Steven Spielberg Minority Report Focuses heavily on Commanding Officer John Anderton who was Tom Cruise’s pre-crime captain. But Farrell landed a big role early on to play Danny Witwer, the attorney general tasked with bringing down the falsely accused Anderton.

Minority Report It was one of Spielberg’s biggest successes. With a budget of just $102 million (impressive considering the amount on screen), the film grossed nearly $358 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo).

2 Batman (2022) – $771 million

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After two Tim Burton Batman Films, two by Joel Schumacher, three by Christopher Nolan, and two group adventures at DCEU, Batman It is very easy to feel too much. Rather, it was an event, primarily because the trailers advertised the movie up front as a mixture of the familiar (dark tone) and the new (young Batman).

She also revealed that Penguin is stalked by the Bat, a showtime moment that made it all the more tempting when he blew on the audience member that he’s actually Farrell under all the Oscar-worthy makeup. Numbers It puts the film’s budget at $200 million, which is a benchmark for a big name like BatmanBut it nearly quadrupled that number to just under $768 million worldwide.

1 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) – $814 million

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There was a fair amount of anticipation Fantastic monsters and where to find them. Time and the two series have done some serious damage to that enthusiasm, but the first movie is still a simple treat, much of which comes from Farrell’s apparent delight in the antagonistic role of Lord Percival Graves.

Of course, Graves actually ends up being Gellert Grindelwald, the character whose casting will continue to cause some problems in the franchise. Sarcasm, considering that it was done perfectly the first time. Box Office Mojo It puts the film’s budget at $180 million, but luckily for Wizarding World fans, the movie earned over $800 million worldwide. Unfortunately for fans, the two released versions did not match the original, both in terms of quality and financial performance.

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