The start of the As Far As The Eye adventure game

Indie game As Far As The Eye launched this month to offer players a turn-based nomad city builder, providing a single-player experience and a procedurally generated journey on PlayStation. Advantages Adventure game as far as the eye Includes the ability to explore, analyze and scavenge places of interest in search of long lost treasures in a procedurally generated journey and adventure game. As you plan the best route for your tribe to take to Al Ain. Harvest, build, stockpile, and leave the pitfalls before the wave swallows your tribe.

Improve your disciples through the job system, your buildings through the improvement system, and your entire tribe through Tribe’s Knowledge. As you embark on your adventure, survive extreme conditions and protect the disciples from random events. Meet allies, negotiate for resources, recruit new disciples, and more! Check out the launch trailer below to learn more.

adventure game

You play the role of the wind who leads the disciples, a tribe that must reach the center of the world. You will have to manage their resources, buildings and lives. Help them become wiser through farming, crafting, scientific and mystical research before the world is flooded. Be careful though, you have to manage your tribe properly Perfect and making sure she doesn’t starve or get splashed in the water.”

“Get up, puff and wake up, sigh. It’s time to bring back the disciples scattered all over the world and guide them. Don’t worry, they will recognize you as soon as they feel your breath on their face, as soon as they see their woolen clothes spinning, they will understand because they are waiting for you. Caressing with their feet, carrying their bodies Lift their spirits and instill in them hope and perseverance.
Do not skimp on the storms that will make them realize that the road is long and that it must always go on as far as I am.”

To find out more about the new adventure game, go to the official Sony PlayStation website where the game is now available to buy and play via the link below.

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