The 42-inch bendable LG OLED Flex TV was launched at IFA

LG announced the launch of its new bendable TV at IFA 2022, the LG OLED Flex and TV feature a 42-inch screen.

The new LG OLED Flex comes with 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, it also comes with HDMI 2.1 and is G-SYNC compatible and AMD FreeSync™ Premium certified.

With compelling customization options for a more personalized user experience, the 42-inch bendable screen is unlike anything else on the market. Users can quickly adjust the LX3’s curvature to one of two available presets using the dedicated button on the remote control or manually change the curvature in increments of five percent on 20 different levels. In addition, the LG OLED Flex display can be tilted up to 10 degrees or further away from the user by up to 5 degrees and has a height-adjustable stand – up or down 140mm – ensuring ergonomic comfort for those who like to sit, and those who like to relax.

Furthermore, the LX3 comes with exclusive features and functions that give users greater control over their gaming experience. For example, they can adjust the size of the image on the screen4 According to their individual preferences or the type of game they are playing. Fans of role-playing games (RPGs), racing or platform games will likely want to use all 42 inches of the screen, while players in RTS or FPS games may prefer 32 or 27 inches of the screen. Which allows them to see everything that happens in the game environment in a jiffy. The image resizing feature is easily accessible from the ultra-convenient gaming dashboard menu, where users can also choose the high, low, or centered position of the smaller image on the screen.

You can find out more details about the new LG OLED Flex 42-inch TV on the LG website at the link below, and there are no announcements yet on pricing.

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