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If you are interested in learning more about how to set up a hotspot on your iPhone, which allows you to share your internet connection and data allowance with others. You’ll be glad to know that Apple makes it very easy to set up and share an iOS hotspot. This quick guide will show you how to use your phone and its cellular data plan to get other devices online. Apple makes it easy for you Share your data and internet connection With friends or family when you’re away from your home network using the hotspot feature built into iOS. If you want to set up iPhone hotspot to share your internet connection or your existing Personal Hotspot is not working.

Before setting up an iPhone hotspot, it’s worth remembering that your mobile plan from your service provider will need a large enough data allowance to meet your needs. Remember, letting people hop into your personal hotspot can cost you a fortune in extra data charges if you’re not careful.

preparation a Personal hotspot Your iPhone is easier than ever thanks to Apple’s latest iOS mobile operating system and allows you to share files Cellular data connection with your IPADAnd the macbook or Devices of friends and families. This is useful when you do not have access to a wireless network, but your phone is still connected to it Fifth generation network or 4G cellular networks.

One of your iPhone hotspot setting would be Password protectedPrevent any unwanted third party from consuming your allowed data and valuable 5G bandwidth. Most carriers offer fairly large data packages with iPhone contracts although it’s worth checking with your service provider just how much data you’ve included before you start. streaming movies and media from the likes of Netflix, Apple TV, and more, for which you may be charged extra. If your iPhone works iOS 13 Or later, these devices allow it to connect to your iPhone and you’ll continue to receive service even when your phone screen is locked. To set up Personal Hotspot on iPhone, follow the instructions below.

iPhone secure hotspot

1. Go to settings app on your iPhone

2a. Select a file Personal hotspot option in the menu or cellular and then Personal hotspot On older iPhones.

2 b. If you don’t see the Personal Hotspot option listed, you may need to contact your network provider to ensure that your plan allows you to access your data via this method.

3. Slide the button “Allow others to joinToggle green to enable others to connect to your hotspot

4. Provide them with wifi password Shown below the switch. Or use this to connect your iPad, MacBook, or computer to your Personal Hotspot.

5. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the Personal Hotspot page to connect other devices to your iPhone using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a USB cable.

Once the device is connected to your hotspot, the status bar will turn blue and display how many devices are currently using your iPhone to connect to the Internet. If you want to prevent anyone from connecting through your iPhone when your data is low, just go to the Settings app and slide the button “Allow others to jointo turn off (not shown in green).

The number of devices that can connect to your phone will depend on your network provider and iPhone model. Also, it should be noted that when you have devices connected to your hotspot, you can only connect to the internet from your iPhone using 5G or 4G and not another wireless network.

Three ways to connect to a Personal Hotspot

If your iPhone hotspot is not working properly, check that your password uses only standard English letters, numbers, and symbols. Then try the methods below to connect your computer, iPad, or friends’ phone.


1. Go to Wireless networks on your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone and select the Personal Hotspot you’d like to connect to, as above. “Jules iPhone” is the name of my hotspot, and yours will be written here.

2. Enter the password for this iPhone hotspot from the host’s phone when prompted.


1. Make sure your iPhone is discoverable via bluetooth It is turned on in the Settings app

2. On your computer, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up a new Bluetooth connection and select your iPhone hotspot.


If you want to connect a device directly to your iPhone, using a cable, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your laptop or computer, then connect your iPhone or iPad directly to that computer using a USB data/charging cable. Once connected, a popup will appear asking you to “Do you trust this computer?Simply tap Trust to accept the connection.

Family connections to your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot

If you have family members, they will use your hotspot regularly when you are away from your home wireless network. You can set up Family Sharing to allow your family members to automatically connect to your device without having to enter a password. To do this, go to settings > Personal hotspot and choose family involvement And turn on the option. For each family member, you can set them to “connect automaticallyorAsk for consentevery time they try.

iPhone hotspot not working?

If you have tried the above methods and your hotspot is still not working, it might be with changing your iPhone hotspot password. Apple will automatically generate a random password for your hotspot that will definitely work when you enable it, however you may have inadvertently added an unsupported character from the iPhone keyboard if you change the password.

If you want to change the hotspot password to one of your choice, just go to.

1. settings > cellular > Personal hotspot or settings > Personal hotspot on the latest iPhones.

2. Then select a file wifi password.

3. Create a new password at least Eight characters using English letters and numbers (ASCII). Be aware that if you are using non-ASCII characters such as Japanese, Chinese, and other languages. Other phones and computers can’t join your Personal Hotspot.

Passwords generated with strange characters are non-ASCII (Non-English) It may be one of the reasons why your iPhone hotspot is not working and other devices are unable to connect to it. If in doubt, change your password to something else using English letters and numbers to test your connection before making it more complicated. If you still have problems, go to the official Apple Support website.

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