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Gamers who need a little extra grip on their thumb sticks may be interested in the newly launched accessory created by the team at SCUF. the new SCUF joystick grip Available in three different versions offering Tactic, Catalyst and Pulse. Enabling gamers to customize their console as per their exact requirements. Ranging in price from $10 to $20, the new joystick grips are now available for purchase directly from the official SCUF website or online retailers like Amazon.

New thumb sticks give any gamer the SCUF joystick experience with added performance and increased grip, no matter what type of controller they’re using. SCUF’s Universal joystick grips It will take almost any existing console to a higher level, giving gamers the feel, precision, and SCUF joystick movements on an existing console.”

SCUF joystick grip

Joystick grip

tactic Replicates the shapes on the thumbsticks of the SCUF controller that have provided professional and competitive gamers around the world with added performance, comfort, and grip for many years. The tactic comes in 2 styles (concave and dome), 3 colors (black, red and blue) and 2 lengths (short and long). Light gray generic joystick grips will also be available in early 2023.

catalyst Inspired by previous console designs to give customers a taste of the consoles of yesteryear. It features a concave design that allows your fingers to rest comfortably in the thumbstick indentation and extra grip on either side of the indentation, so fingers don’t slip where you want them.

to throb SCUF presents a classic thumbs-up style take. It has a semi-dome design which means the fingers rest within the indentation of the thumbstick or on the edge where the added grip keeps your fingers on the thumbstick.

“The launch of our Thumbstick Grips is a reflection of our commitment to giving all gamers the ability to experience the SCUF feature,” said Diego Nunez, Vice President of Game Marketing at CORSAIR. “With this new offering, you can gain a functional advantage in motion and gameplay simply by upgrading your existing controller.”

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