Pixel 8 details were hiding in plain sight

The Google Pixel 7 phones have barely been on sale for a month, but details of the upcoming Pixel 8 are already starting to break cover, including news about the next-generation Tensor processor.

Details revealed in the public source code show a pair of new Google devices codenamed Husky and Shiba, as well as a third codename Zuma that likely refers to the Tensor G3 processor.

The discovery was made by German tech website WinFuture, which also noted that these devices run on Android 14, making it more likely that the codenames refer to the Pixel 8 – and the first phones running Android 14 are likely out of the box.

On an even stranger note, Android 14 is referred to as an ‘Upside Down Cake’ in a flashback to the company’s sweet-sounding names for operating system updates that have become less well known in recent years. We believe that it was “Q” who rescinded that agreement.

Interestingly, it appears that the standard Pixel 8 ‘Shiba’ may also have 12GB of RAM, putting it on par with the current Pro model. The Shiba could also have a screen with a resolution of 2268 x 1080, compared to 2400 x 1080 on the Pixel 7.

The ‘Husky’ who appears likely to be the Pixel 8 Pro could have a resolution of 2822 x 1344, which is lower than the Pixel 7 Pro’s 3120 x 1440. Whether this has more to do with modified display sizes, rather than pixel density, is seen.

The code for the new Zuma chip suggested that it would come with the same Samsung G5300 5G modem, as the Tensor G2.

The Pixel 7 phones appear to be attracting more consumers with Google claiming it was the “best selling week ever” about the launch of Android 13 phones last month.

“I am extremely proud of the glowing feedback so far for the Pixel, which recently had our highest sales week ever. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, said during the recent earnings call, along with the great products, we launched the latest Android version.

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