Nvidia launches the new GTX 1630 graphics card at a competitive price

Today, Nvidia unveiled the new GeForce GTX 1630, which is now the cheapest modern graphics card offered by the company.

The starting price for the graphics card is said to be $150, although the likes of EVGA are already selling the GPU for $200 with their third-party design.

The GTX 1630 will be based on the slimmed-down TU117 GPU, packing 512 CUDA. The graphics card will also have 4GB of GDDR6 memory with a 64-bit memory bus.

But what kind of performance can we expect from those specs? The Benchmark Lab YouTube channel showed that the GTX 1630 is less powerful than the GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, even though the latter was launched six years ago. This performance means you’ll be limited to 1080p resolution, so don’t expect to play any 1440p or 4K games.

And with the GTX 1630 using the Turing architecture, it will miss out on cutting edge features like ray tracing, which improves graphics of supported games with more realistic shadow and lighting effects. DLSS is also not supported, so don’t expect a performance boost thanks to Nvidia’s AI.

So, since the GTX 1630 is limited to basic 1080p performance and lacks modern features, it’s only worth it for PC gamers on a budget.

Those who crave high-end gaming performance are better off waiting for the upcoming Nvidia RTX 4000 range, with rumors suggesting that new graphics cards will be available for purchase before the end of the year.

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It’s hard to get too excited about the Nvidia GTX 1630 graphics card due to its low specs and entry-level performance. However, it’s still good to see Nvidia sell graphics cards at a low price to those who want to build a PC on a budget, as we can’t all afford the RTX 3080.

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