Move the folds aside! LG launched the first foldable screen

You’ve seen curved screens, foldable screens, and even foldable screens, but what about stretchable screens? LG Display has announced a 12-inch screen that it says can be extended to 14 inches without distortion.

The high-resolution display, which offers RGB in full color and 100 pixels per inch, has a 20 percent stretch capacity, a world first. LG says the screen can be pulled, bent, and rolled without damage.

Existing Galaxy Fold phones can be folded and bent, for example, so this could be an important step forward. LG shows use cases such as clothing and other irregular surfaces. LG says it can be attached to leather, clothing, cars and planes. LG clearly sees a wide range of potential commercial uses for this technology, even though it may have been years since it came to fruition.

In a press release on Thursday, LG said that the technology is based on “a thin layer of a highly flexible substrate made of the special silicone used in contact lenses, and this 12-inch screen has rubber band-like flexibility that allows it to stretch to 14 inches. The shaped nature provides Free Screen is a cutting edge solution that goes beyond current foldable and rollable technology.”

LG says the technology is durable, so it can withstand outside influences, while still boasting a resolution that can compete with screens already on the market. Durability is also ensured thanks to the spring-wire system that “can withstand frequent changes in its shape, assuring consumers of its incredible durability and reliability”.

In the short term, we may see it become part of fashion items, such as clothing and accessories, but this technology appears to have a lot of potential use cases in the commercial sector. We can see that it is a huge boon for advertisers, for example.

Hopefully, LG will bring the expandable display to CES 2023 so we can get a closer look at what appears to be a major advance from the Korean company.

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