Jaguar and Land Rover Shipping

Land Rover has announced that it is launching Land Rover Charging and Jaguar Charging in the UK, and this new charging offer will give owners of these vehicles access to a wide range of charging points.

This new feature will allow access to more than 300,000 charging points in 27 countries and with more than 700 different charging providers.

Drivers of all-electric Jaguar or Land Rover hybrid and electric vehicles will benefit from the launch of Jaguar Charging and Land Rover Charging, providing them with easy access to a network of more than 300,000 charging points spanning across 27 countries and 700 separate charging points service providers including Osprey and Ionity and as part of a growing network – which will see more network operators added later this year.

New or existing owners will receive a Service Welcome Pack, including a Jaguar or Land Rover charging key that simply needs to be tapped at any network point to initiate charging. Access can also be granted through the Jaguar Charging or Land Rover Charging app.

With the prospect of shipping a car away from home often a hassle for customers, new shipping services aim to simplify the process. One charging key, one app and a selection of charging points across UK and Europe; And the way users pay for the service is equally simple.

You can find out more details about new Jaguar and Land Rover charging at the link below.

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