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Narwal Freo is Narwal’s newest smart broom and mop. With a suction of 3000Pa, it can clean rooms with ease. The Freo robot vacuum intelligently detects how dirty the floor is, so it knows how much to mop after vacuuming.

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Narwal is an innovation driven company, focused on providing smart cleaning solutions for the home. They are the leaders in professional and effective cleaning technologies, with over 400 patents pending. Based on this research, Freo is a new product to introduce in its range of smart vacuum cleaners and mops.

Narwal Freo offers five different cleaning modes to choose from. Simply set Freo to meet your needs. You can use vacuum mode only for targeted daily cleaning, and switch to mop mode when you really need to remove some tough stains.

Freo is the only cleaning robot with a vacuum then mop mode, which first vacuums out of the base station and then mops back into the house. This prevents the dry dust from getting wet.

You can also use the vacuum and mop mode to do both tasks simultaneously, for efficient daily maintenance. And with Freo mode, the robot gets even smarter.

A special ‘Freo mode’ means the robot automatically performs vacuuming and mop duties, using patented DirtSense technology to intelligently adjust the mop wash duration depending on how dirty the floor is.

The Smart-Swing also ensures that the Narwal Freo can clean every nook and cranny in the space. As you approach the edge of a wall, the back of the robot twists to ensure the mops can reach the extreme edges of your room. This superior cleaning path means the Narwal Freo catches particles, human hair and pet hair that other vacuum cleaners miss.

The robot will also automatically adjust the mop pressure and humidity on wood and tile floors, as long as you set the floor types in the app. With Freo Mode, your cleaning robot does the right thing – without you even lifting a finger.

An infrared sensor means the Freo automatically avoids obstacles, and it includes slope sensors to avoid accidentally falling down stairs, if used on the upper floors of your home.

Narwal Freo measures about 35cm in diameter, packed in a 5200mAh battery. When it’s time to charge, it automatically returns to the included charging base. Pure cotton + nylon and polyester materials ensure that the mop is soft and long-lasting.

The Freo smart vacuum is the next generation model from Narwal. The older Narwal T10 offers 1,800Pa of suction, and the Freo jumps to 3,000Pa, which is more than enough for a powerful daily clean. Easily control everything using the newly integrated LCD touch screen or the app. And Freo’s intelligence really sets it apart from the pack.

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