Here’s an alternative to Belkin’s confusing continuity camera for iPhone

Apple’s continuous camera feature came out with macOS Ventura and iOS 16 that allows you to use your iPhone’s great camera as a webcam for your Mac. However, it also means that you need to find a good way to mount your iPhone at the right height and angle.

Apple showed off an accessory from Belkin at WWDC (available now) that lets you mount your iPhone to the top of your MacBook. But the downside is that you can only adjust the angle by moving the laptop screen. And it is not stable as it rests solely on your MacBook which makes it a rather awkward accessory to use.

It’s also hard to get a good result from Apple’s desk display feature with your iPhone installed on your MacBook.

Twelve South has a cute multipurpose iPad stand called the HoverBar Duo. And it turns out that it also makes a great mount for the iPhone continuity camera.

Besides getting the perfect height and angle for your camera, using the HoverBar Duo for Continuity Camera also means you can get a much better top view (desktop view) experience. This is because you don’t have to rely on Apple software tricks to get the shot from the limited angle at the top of your Mac.

Twelve South shared a video today that highlights the strengths of the HoverBar Duo as an iPhone holder:

Another part to this is that you don’t need your iPhone right next to your Mac to use the continuity camera, in our testing, it works within about 40-50 feet.

This is in addition to the flexibility of HoverBar Duo which opens up a ton of options for everything from video calls, presentations, content creators, etc.

HoverBar Duo gen 2 is usually for $79.99 (Live, Amazon, and more) and comes with a weighted base and clip attachment for plenty of uses with the QuickSwitch tab. It also comes in black or white.

The HoverBar Duo gen 1 goes for $59.99 (Live, Amazon, and more) and comes in black without the QuickSwitch tab but features both a weighted base and a clip mount.

9to5Mac for

I actually bought the HoverBar Duo over a year ago and it has become my iPad Pro stand. But I didn’t think how easy it would be to use it as a continuity camera on my iPhone until Twelve South shared this video.

It has three adjustment points, two in the arm and one where the iPhone/iPad mount attaches making it easy to get the perfect angle and height.

One thing to note, you may need to mount the HoverBar Duo to a monitor stand (instead of your desk) if you want to use it with an external monitor instead of just your MacBook.

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