Galaxy Watch 4 won’t turn on . Here’s what to do

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 series offers a lot of great features and excellent battery life, but it’s just as prone to bugs and issues as anything else. One issue that some may have is the Galaxy Watch 4 that won’t turn on. What should you do?

My Galaxy Watch 4 Won’t Turn On – What Now?

Try leaving it on the charger

There are a variety of reasons why your Galaxy Watch 4 may not turn on properly, but the first thing you should try is to simply leave the watch on the charger for a few hours. A fully discharged battery sometimes takes a while to come back to life, so leaving your watch on the official charger for a few hours is a good place to start. We recommend trying this overnight before taking any drastic steps.

Samsung GVI3 update may be the culprit

If your Galaxy Watch 4 won’t turn on at all, even after charging it for several hours, your device may have fallen victim to a faulty update. One of the latest Galaxy Watch 4 updates is hardware “bundling” for some users. The problem occurs after installing the update with GVI3 firmware version and running the clock turning off. If the watch stays on indefinitely, the problem doesn’t seem to occur, but it seems like restarting or running out of battery is preventing the watch from restarting again.

Samsung hasn’t come out to explain the exact reason here, but it’s clearly a huge problem.

The good news here is that Samsung is taking steps to fix the problem. For those who didn’t update, the update was pulled. This means that it will not be automatically installed on your device if it is not already installed.

Furthermore, Samsung is working on a new software update that fixes the problem.

But what if the Galaxy Watch 4 has already succumbed to this problem? Samsung recommends contacting customer support for assistance. Some users have found that support will replace the watch under warranty with this issue.

Samsung has provided the following statement about the issue and how customers are affected.

We are aware that a limited number of Galaxy Watch4 series models are not turning on after the latest software update (VI3). We have discontinued the update and will release new software soon.

We recommend consumers who may have encountered this issue with their Galaxy Watch4 series to visit the nearest Samsung Service Center or call 1-800-Samsung.

How to check software version on Galaxy Watch

Don’t know if your Galaxy Watch has been affected by the GVI3 update? It’s very easy to find out!

First, you’ll want to click on File Settings button in your quick settings or through the app drawer. Next, scroll down and search about watching at the bottom of the list. Then scroll to find Program information. On the next page, you will be greeted with your software version number. The screenshots below are from the Galaxy Watch 5, but the process is identical on the Watch 4.

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