Control your computer, share files with mobile devices remotely

It is not uncommon to control a computer remotely via a mobile device or another computer. There is another feature provided by the controller, Windows itself also has such a function, but it is not obvious, which is why users choose third-party products.

In this article, Digital Experience will show you how to use HopToDesk – Remote Desktop Application and more.

  • free.
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Raspberry Pi).
  • Vietnamese language support.
  • No ads.
  • Simple controls.
  • They can talk to each other.
  • Allows to transfer files on the computer to the mobile device.
  • Share mobile screen on PC.

Using HopToDesk is not difficult, but in the article, the author will do it on Windows PC and Android devices. intervention HopToDesk’s home page nha To download and install the version for your platform.

HopToDesk 14For Windows and Android users, install directly by following the link below.

After the installation is complete, you open HopToDesk on your device. With Windows, HopToDesk runs right in, no installation required.

Controlling a Windows PC:

How to control HopToDesk Like many other tools, you need to connect two devices through the ID provided.

On Windows computers: You open HopToDesk and you see your ID provided by the app, and it includes the password (can be changed, create your own), which you give to the operator.

HopToDesk 1The operator may not need to enter the password if you accepted it from the call screen.

On mobile: It is best to use a tablet to make it easier to view and control the Windows screen.

HopToDesk 5Open HopToDesk> Contact > Enter the ID on the computer > Enter the passcode. And if the person at the computer agrees (Acceptance) There is no need to enter the password.

HopToDesk 6Now, the Windows computer screen will appear. You can control it now. For convenient control of the phone screen, you can rotate it horizontally by pressing the Computer icon > Select Shrink Nice stretch.

HopToDesk 10There are several other functions in the tool row in the blue bar:

Open the keyboard.

Display mouse operations, touch.

Open the chat box.

– Lock the mouse on the computer (Block user input), open the Windows lock screen (Insert lock), enter the password again (Operating system password), … in the three-dot button.

To disconnect, press the X button.

HopToDesk 7The devices you were controlling are kept in Connection, and you can tap to make the connection again.

Mobile Screen Sharing:

I really like this feature of HopToDesk, photo sharing is clear, low latency, especially people on computers can send files to mobile devices. With this feature, you can share a good video or something with more viewers.

On mobile: Screen sharing section opens > tap Start screen sharing.

HopToDesk 11You will receive an ID and password for the application provided. You send it to the share recipient on the computer to contact them.

On the computer: Open HopToDesk > Enter ID in Remote Desktop Control > Click Connection.

HopToDesk 15You will enter a passcode and you can skip this step if confirmed by the screen sharer (Start now > accept).

A new interface shows a desktop complete with images of the mobile device’s screen. You can now track the participant’s content.

HopToDesk 3If you want to share files on your computer, click the > Computer icon File Transfer or a similar button in the HopToDesk interface.

HopToDesk share interface appears, select the file on your computer > press the button send. The third column shows the status of the shared file.

HopToDesk 4When sharing the screen, you and the partner can chat with each other normally through the built-in chat box. When you want to stop sharing, press the button Stop sharing screen did.

NB: If you want to use HopToDesk in Vietnamese, open the application on your computer > click on the three dots button in id > language > Choose VietnameseThe change will take effect immediately.

HopToDesk 2With your mobile device connected, you can manage it in the HopToDesk interface, rename it for easy recognition, set a quick launch shortcut on your desktop, and more.

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