Clear all text and images stored in the clipboard

EasyClear is a free and lightweight open source utility for Windows 11/10 PC. It does not disable the clipboard, it just deletes any copied texts and images instantly. Not only that, but you can track the amount of deleted content right on the screen.

EasyClear is very easy to use but for the first time you do the following.

Step 1: You open the browser to access this is > Press EasyClearGit. zip for this tool.

EasyClear 1Step 2: You unzip the file and double-click it EasyClearGit.exe to start the program immediately.

EasyClear 2You’ll see the EasyClear Statistics interface right above the system tray, unfortunately you can’t hide it.

Step 3: Now, every time you copy text or images to the clipboard, EasyClear will erase them.

EasyClear 3You can look at the EasyClear Statistics interface to see how much text (Erase phrases) and images (scan photos(deleted and total deleted)statistics).

EasyClear 4If you want to re-enable clipboard copying, simply turn off EasyClear in the Task Manager. Or click the Select button on me In the EasyClear Statistics interface to temporarily disable the feature, you choose again when you want to disable it again.

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