Apple is looking to source chips from the US and Europe

Apple is eyeing future chips from the US and Europe as it seeks to reduce its reliance on its traditional supply chain based in Asia.

That’s the claim made by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who referenced comments made by Apple CEO Tim Cook at an internal meeting in Germany.

“We’ve already made the decision to buy a plant in Arizona, and that plant in Arizona starts in ’24, so we’ve got about two years on that plant, maybe a little less,” Cook was quoted as saying.

“I’m sure we will also be exporting from Europe as those plans become clearer,” he added.

Apple’s exclusive partner in chip manufacturing is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. The clue as to where this company operates from is the name. Cook mentioned at the meeting that about 60% of the world’s semiconductor production came from the small island of Taiwan.

“No matter what you may feel and think, 60% of getting out of nowhere is probably not a strategic situation,” he said.

TSMC is known to be constructing a production plant in Arizona, US, for 2024, which is most likely the one Cook is referring to here. As a second source of chips in the US, Apple could count on a second factory that TSMC is said to be setting up on US soil.

However, as the report highlights, TSMC has stated that its first US factory will be able to produce chips using a 5nm production process, which falls short of Apple’s 3nm chip ambitions.

TSMC is also rumored to be in discussions to set up a chip factory in Germany, which seems to tie into Cook’s mention of Apple’s European production plans.

Apple has sought to diversify its supply chain recently, shifting some of its production to India.

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