The Top 10 Pretty Little Liars Episodes, According to IMDb

pretty little liars He had a knack for providing many promising answers, yet he ended up confusing and redirecting audiences in every episode. While the show’s strongest seasons were in the early years of its debut, one of the consistently great elements of each season has been the finals.

It’s no surprise that summer breaks and season finales ranked #1 on IMDb because these were the episodes that gave fans some of the answers they were looking for, but certainly not all of them. From shocking revelations, heartbreak, multiple murders, season finales and even some Halloween specials, it has kept fans on their toes while providing plenty of satisfaction that fans have been waiting for in every season.

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9 ‘A Dangerous gAme’ – 8.7

Gaining 8.7, “A Dangerous gAme” season 3 closed with great fanfare. Not only were there a lot of shocking ups and downs, including Alison’s revelation that Red Coat and Tobey were only working with A just to keep Spencer safe, but the Liars’ lives were on the line once again as A trapped them in a burning building.

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IMDb reviewers loved how the episode contained suspense, humor, and huge surprises. However, this does not mean that there were no downsides. Some believe that the suspense didn’t quite live up to what happened in the Season 2 finale and it was just used as filler to set up Season 4.

8 “On my dead body” – 8.8

“Over My Dead Body” was another game-changing episode pretty little liars. The evil detective Wilden is back, the liars are framed for murder, and Jenna and Jarrett seem to have something to do with Alison’s murder.

As the strongest episode of the season, credit must be given to the writing team for creating such an interesting and fast-paced episode. Not only did the use of flashback and forward flash make viewers feel like they were in the room questioning the liars about their whereabouts, but the non-linear narrative meant they also had to pay extra attention to what was going on. The only downfall is that it became a little predictable with the metaphor of “liars’ lives on the line” because everyone knew they wouldn’t stick to the verdict.

7 “Now you see me, now you don’t” – 8.9

The Season 4 finale was the one where fans talked all summer as it was revealed that former fan-favorite character, Ezra Fitz, was in the first team. Not only did it raise questions about Aria’s involvement with A-plans (many fans speculated that the two were working together), but fans were absolutely shocked that he was also “board shorts”.

Given that Season 4 was a bit slower than the rest with not a lot of interesting revelations, the ending took it back a bit with this twist as it suggested that the show would finally address why Ezra was considered a villain from the start. Unfortunately, the book took a different path, which is probably why IMDb’s score isn’t as high as the other episodes.

6 ”A’ for answers” – 8.9

The end of the fourth season raised the bar for suspense from several angles and failed to achieve some other points. With Ezra seemingly dying in Arya’s arms, the emotional stakes were high, however, it seems that killing the beloved characters wasn’t really the show’s style, so it didn’t take long for fans to get over the shock and realize he’s actually coming back.

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Despite the title promising answers, the show delivered the best performance and didn’t reveal much at all. While the writers have given fans some additional clues, they haven’t yet revealed who “A” is, causing fans more frustration. It was also great for some fan-favorite side characters, like Noel Kahn, who also mirrored the answers fans received to questions they had from the start through some Mona/Alison memories.

5 “Not raised” – 9

The end of season two brought about some controversial decisions that divided fans. As expected, A is “revealed” to be one of the most vile main characters, Mona, Aria, and Ezra decide to continue their problematic relationship. However, there was one twist that salvaged the episode and that was when the writers surprised everyone when they killed Maya – Emily’s estranged girlfriend.

This was a huge event that had fans on Twitter talking for months because it was so unexpected and unexpected. Everyone was arguing about whether she was a victim of Mona’s revenge or if there was a new threat in town now. Regardless, this was a mystery fans were looking forward to solving in Season 3.

4 Lady Killer – 9

Another epic summer sequel, “The Lady Killer”, was praised by PLL fans, as the book found the perfect balance between action and drama. Stakes were at an all-time high as Caleb, Emily and Paige’s lives were on the line after they figured out who killed Maya and were left on an epic cliff, where A has been plotting a massive scheme that includes a Halloween train party.

For a more sudden turn of things, the book also threw a wrench into the works of everyone’s favorite pairing, Spencer and Toby, when it turned out he was part of the first team. This was definitely an unexpected turn of events and a betrayal that badly offended fans, especially since Spencer was always so attached to him whenever people said he was a bad person. Fans couldn’t wait to see the fallout from that.

3 This is a dark ride – 9

The third season episode of Halloween, This Is A Dark Ride, was an episode that fans won’t quickly forget. Filled with action, murder, and mystery, everyone was, once again, on the edge of their seats as fans waited to see what A had their sleeves up.

Although fans would have liked them to stop using the “liars’ lives on the line” metaphor as it started to gain a bit of frustration and repetition, they loved the cliffhanger that showed Alison was alive because it led many to question where exactly she is. It was and why you haven’t come home yet. Fans couldn’t wait for the liars to find out, too.

2 “Welcome to The Dollhouse” – 9.2

In the season five finale, the Liars were wrongly convicted of being accomplices in Mona’s murder and were on their way to prison. But it didn’t take long for A to hijack the truck, disable the liars and puppet them for another one of their devious games.

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While the episode took fans on an exciting and spooky journey through the dollhouse, with added suspense for the girls trying to get out in time. It was also a memorable episode with the addition of another evil player to the game, who was known to liars as “Charles”. Looks like the writers were pressing the series update and starting the puzzles all over again.

1 ‘Game On, Charles’ – 9.1

In Season 6 Episode 1, the liars have found themselves a way out of the dollhouse but aren’t completely liberated yet as they have to stay there a little longer. The novelty of the new torture location that made Season 5 finale so interesting has faded a bit but it’s still the most interesting part of the episode as A also causes havoc for Toby and the rest of the cops trying to track down the girls.

Seeing the police actively so close to finding an “A” was definitely fun for the audience as it makes viewers feel as if they will eventually find out who they are. The girls also had visual trauma after the dollhouse incident, which added a darker touch to the episode. However, more clues and more mysteries were revealed.

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