The most exciting new features in the PS5 beta

Sony today started rolling out a new beta version of its PS5 system software that promises to provide an early experience of some of the new features we can expect to see in the future.

Here are some of the highlights of the new PS5 beta, as listed on the official PlayStation Blog.

1440 pixels

Undoubtedly, the biggest plus of this latest beta version is the support for 1440p HDMI video output. This is great news for anyone who plays their PS5 games on a gaming monitor, although it also has potential benefits if your TV supports the resolution.

If the game you are playing supports 1440p resolution, you will be able to output locally. Otherwise, games with higher resolutions (such as 4K) can use ultra-low downsampling to achieve improved anti-aliasing.


In the new PS5 beta, it’s now possible to set up game menus, which are basically app folders for your games. You can have 15 game menus in total, each consisting of up to 100 games.

Go to your group and select Create Games List, select the games you want to group together, then name the list. You can group games by genre, make a list of games you intend to tackle from your backlog, isolate your favorite games…it’s entirely up to you.

share request screen

One of the new social features in the PS5 beta is the ability to ask group members to start screen sharing when you want to see how they’re playing. You will find the option in the voice chat card.

Join game notifications

Do you want to join a party? The PS5 will now notify you when a member of the group is playing a game you can join, as well as prompting you to join the game directly. It should make it easy to get into the action with your friends.

Compare 3D sound and stereo sound

Have you ever wondered the difference between Sony’s 3D Hi-Res Audio and a good old stereo system? In the latest PS5 beta release, you can hear the difference for yourself via an easy-to-use comparison screen.

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