Stadia launches in Mexico this year

Google Stadia is adding a new region for the first time in nearly two years, with the service expanding to Mexico this year.

Stadia Coming to Mexico ‘Later This Year’

Google today announced several initiatives to expand its services in Mexico, with new programs and cultural development in the country.

Among these new efforts, support for Google Stadia and Immersive Stream in Mexico.

Mexico brought Stadia to 23 countries, the first expansion we’ve seen since late 2020, when it expanded Google’s service to include Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

In the rest of the cloud gaming space, both Xbox and Nvidia GeForce have now made fairly large expansions in the past couple of years. Xbox Cloud Gaming is available in 28 countries, while Nvidia GeForce Now is supported in more than 75 countries.

There’s no set date for Stadia to arrive in Mexico yet, but Google says the service will arrive “later this year.”

The news comes as Stadia has also expanded to a new platform, with Samsung’s lineup of smart TVs and a new “Gaming Hub” feature. In recent weeks, Stadia has also significantly expanded its list of free game offerings, as well as announcing some new games including Five Nights at Freddy’s. There are also signs that Stadia may soon support Nvidia GPUs behind the scenes, possibly hinting at a hardware upgrade.

9to5Google’s Take – A meaningful sign for life

It’s no real secret that Stadia has been through a very difficult experience over the past couple of years. First Party Studios were suddenly closed. Major game releases were few and far between, and overall the remaining excitement around Stadia feels like it’s been drained.

But expansion to a new country, even if one is across the border from the United States, is the first meaningful sign of life Stadia lived in recent memory.

Of course, that doesn’t solve Stadia’s ongoing problems. The major game releases are still mostly absent from the platform, which leaves many gamers unhappy with the platform. Sequels to existing Stadia games, such as EA’s Madden series and Star Wars Jedi series, will also not be shown on the platform. Stadia lacks not only new games, but the ones in it.

Despite all that, expanding to a new country is a good sign for Stadia, and we’re certainly glad to see it.

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