Sennheiser Ambeo Plus is a cheaper version of one of the best speakers out there

Sennheiser has announced a more affordable version of the Ambeo Soundbar Plus, as new TV audio solutions continue to be shown at IFA 2022.

The Ambeo Soundbar Plus still costs £1,299 with pre-orders open today. It’s smaller in size, but also has much of the same technology as the original award-winning Ambeo Soundbar (which now has the “Max” suffix).

That means the same 3D sound — with support for Dolby Atmos, Sony’s 360 Reality Audio, and DTS:X — and the ability to scan the room to create an audio scene perfect for the environment. It is also possible to mix stereo and 5.1 content to achieve those 3D audio experiences.

Sennheiser says this is the world’s first standalone 7.1.4 channel amplifier, while it can also be combined with the new Ambeo Sub. There’s support for all major connectivity including AirPlay 2, Tidal Connect and Spotify connect, while you’ll also be able to use Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls.

If you want to go the accompanying Ambeo Sub, it will cost an extra £599. It has a 350W Class D amplifier, plus bass that maintains sound quality up to 27Hz. If you wish, you can connect up to four of these subwoofers to the Ambeo Plus Soundbar. Both can be pre-ordered today before they go on sale on September 22nd.

Ambeo Sub Sennheiser

The prospect of an affordable Ambeo Soundbar is tempting, especially if it’s based on the same technology. In our 2019 review of the original, the reviewer gave it an excellent five-star rating, noting the impressive 3D audio performance and claiming that the sound “is as good with the music as it is in the movies.” Only the price and size let it down. However, it has a built-in subwoofer.

The reviewer described it as “the best speakers on the planet. Great cinematic sound from a single-box solution – and it’s musically great, too.”

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