Samsung’s Magic Pills Drop Below $100 for an Epic Headphone Deal This Labor Day

It’s no secret – these little buds are peculiar. I mean, what can you compare them to? They have a weird organic design and nothing would make you think they were any kind of audio equipment. But they have the audio equipment, and they’ll happily fit in your ears and play your favorite tunes. You’ll now find them at $60 off Amazon, making them the lowest price ever.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live $60 off

It’s impossible to stress how weird the Galaxy Buds Live looks – there’s a sleek exterior and a matte interior with a weird silicone cushion, grilles and perforations all over. However, this design is very deliberate on the part of Samsung and hopes to bring something new to the headphone table – in-ear headphones with the acoustic signature of a pair of open backs.

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