Samsung showcases power saving devices

Samsung is showcasing its latest energy-efficient devices at IFA 2022, including its latest sustainable products, energy-efficient products, and more.

The event also featured new Samsung SmartThings Home devices and features and a host of other Net Zero Home products.

Samsung Newsroom takes you to the site of Samsung Town in this three-story chain. In this first story, we’ll cover Samsung’s eco-friendly efforts for a sustainable everyday life. In the second story, we will share the integrated connectivity experience that is enabled by SmartThings Home Life. In the third story, we’ll give you a tour of Samsung’s latest products in the showroom – to make you feel as if you were already there.

As we begin this online tour of Samsung Town, we would like to first introduce you to the Daily Sustainability District, a vision of a greener future by integrating sustainability into everyday life. In the region, Samsung Electronics showcases its diverse efforts to increase sustainability throughout the product lifecycle, from manufacturing and distribution to use and disposal.

In three SmartThings Home exhibition spaces including the kitchen, laundry, bedroom and outdoors, using the SmartThings AI Energy mode, visitors can experience Net Zero Home, a space that produces, stores, manages and consumes energy in the home without creating an energy surplus or shortage.

You can find out more details about Samsung’s latest sustainable and energy efficient devices at the link below.

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