Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 gets Android 12L

Samsung has released a new update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablet, Android 12 L, and the update brings a bunch of new features to the tablet.

This update adds a new taskbar at the bottom of the screen, which is designed to improve the tablet’s user interface and comes with a host of other new features.

Do you need to access articles and videos at the same time? Do you want to search your gallery while keeping one eye on a thread? The new and improved 12L capacity makes the Galaxy Tab S8 series’ taskbar more elegant and responsive than ever before with expanded multitasking capabilities. Customize the taskbar with your favorite apps and click smoothly and quickly between active sessions. The taskbar also remembers and displays the two most recently used apps at any given time, so you can always easily pick up where you left off.

Do you need to view multiple apps simultaneously? Simply drag and drop two or three of your main apps from the taskbar to split screen and watch the app sessions side by side. You can also get into the split screen by enabling the “Swipe for Split Screen” option by Galaxy Labs, a feature that lets you swipe left, right, or down the screen with two fingers to open a new app in split screen. To go back to the home screen again, simply click on the Home button on the taskbar.

You can find out more details about the Android 12L software update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 on the Samsung website at the link below.

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