Prime Day Deals Day Two Live – Great deals on Apple Watch, AirPods, TV, and more


The LG Xboom is the fun Bluetooth speaker you should check out, especially for £249

(Image credit: Louis Leugen)

Well, I’ll say one thing: This is a huge speaker. Technically portable, it’s quite heavy and we found it took five hours to charge it in our review.

But it’s really fun with the lights that can change, and if you decide to invest in a couple of them, the outdoors becomes a lot of fun. As we noted:

“While the XBoom 360 is one of the unique wireless speakers we’ve seen, is it worth its asking price? Yes, but only if you plan on keeping the party going in your backyard.”

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m just doing a party in my backyard, so this speaker is an easy win – And it’s down from £399 to £249 for the day.

The Apple Watch 7 was one of the best products yesterday – and it makes sense at this discount

Apple Watch 7

(Image credit: Future)

We saw a lot of top products selling well yesterday, but the Apple Watch 7, with its lowest price drop ever, dropped to just $279 in the US, which is impressive.

I’ve been using the Watch 7 on and off for a few months, and it’s definitely my pick. While my wife bought the SE watch – It’s also on sale for just $219 in Prime Day deals The Watch 7 has the biggest always-on display I like.

Get the Microsoft Surface Pro X for just £669

Microsoft Surface Pro X on a white background

(Image credit: Microsoft)

If you’re looking for a new laptop, here’s a discount that’s just been offered – Qualcomm’s Powered Surface Pro X is an interesting alternative to Intel chips, and it has some great cameras in there too.

Note that this does not come with the Signature Keyboard, so you will need to purchase it separately (It dropped to £104 in Prime Day sales) — but this laptop/tablet is built to pack a smartphone-like battery, and we found it ran about 9 hours in our testing.

For £669, it’s worth a look if you want to trade in a portable Windows iPad.

Let’s start with some British bargains that we think are worth checking out – the updated sales to the British aren’t great, but there be Lots of popular sales still telling you about it, too.

A pair of laptops on an orange background

(Image credit: Future)

Good morning – I’ve slept *feel good and refreshed** and am ready to lead you through the lively world of deals for the second day of Prime Day.

More sales and discounts launched today, so if you didn’t find what you’re looking for yesterday, there’s a chance to pick up something new now — for example, we’re already seeing a new Microsoft laptop deal that’s so stylish.

Let’s dive in!

*It was a sleep as if I had been unconscious for a while
** This is not technically correct but I am awake and working moderately. you are welcome.

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