Leica expands its product line to include Cine 1

Leica is a well-known brand for high-end cameras. The brand has been around for a long time and the consensus for some is that Leica makes cameras with great designs and build quality, and they still take excellent photos. So what happens when a brand like this branches out? Well, Leica has done just that, announcing their first home cinema product, the Leica Cine 1.

Perhaps the first thing that catches your eye about Cine 1 is its design. The aluminum case looks modern, lends an elegant look and offers a hint of elegance. The perforations around the case aren’t just for looks and actually help deliver crisp, clear sound. To add a little sophistication, the device has an automatic lens dust cover, which keeps the lens clean but also so that the projector can provide the best possible image quality. Although it looks pretty good, what about the technology being Cine 1?

Leica Cinema 1

Cine 1 is an ultra-short projector paired with a Leica Summicron lens. The unit uses a popular triple RGB laser setup in very short throws, giving the projector a wider color gamut thanks to separate red, blue, and green lasers. Leica will deliver crisp 4K images using much less power than most OLED TVs. The projector life is expected to be more than 25,000 hours. Just for reference, if you have this monitor for eight hours a day, every day, it could last for a little over eight and a half years. As mentioned earlier, the projector has built-in audio, which was produced by Dolby Atmos speakers.

In addition to the usual inputs such as HDMI and USB, the Leica includes a TV tuner and a CI slot that can be used for pay TV service. The monitor will also have its own software, allowing connection to popular video streaming services. The Leica Cine 1 will be available globally starting in the second quarter of 2023. Leica hasn’t officially announced a price, but there will be two models when they come out, the 80-inch and the 100-inch.

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