Legacies: The 15 best episodes, according to IMDb

One of the most successful TV franchises is The Vampire Diaries Universe. The original series remains popular to this day, and each of its spin-offs was a hit. the latest is legacieswhich wrapped up its third season earlier this year and has more episodes on the horizon.

It’s unclear how long the new show will last, but now is as good a time as ever to look back on what audiences have watched so far and consider which installments were the best. Some higher-rated characters appear from previous shows, while others have allowed the new characters to shine more brightly.

Updated June 29, 2022 by Kevin Pantoga: The recent cancellation of Legacies surprised fans and the series’ crew and marked the end of the world of The Vampire Diaries (for now at least). The fourth and final season proved to be possibly the show’s best hour, with a few episodes rated among the best in series history. Of course, the ratings on IMDb show that the best Legacies episodes come from all over, exposing the series’ consistency.

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15th I’ll Tell You a Story (Season 1, Episode 15) – 8.4

Lizzie looks on hope

It looked like legacies He really started to hit a strong point as he finished season one, and this penultimate episode was a highlight. This manages to tell the history of Malivore, who was the overall antagonist of the series, and explain her level of strength. This helped make Malivore more powerful before the end.

There were also secrets released, including the fact that Clarke was Landon’s half-brother and that they were Malephor’s sons, which only added to the stakes until the end of the season. This was an episode that accomplished everything I set out for.

14 Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Care About Myself (Season 2, Episode 15) – 8.4

Josie fights Dark Josie in Legacies

Once again, it’s another penultimate episode that finds itself among the best of all time. Much of Season 2 built Dark Josie and she returned to school in this installment with a plan to complete the merging and defeat her sister. Josie went so far as to kill Alyssa, showing that she had gone too far.

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The title of the episode refers to Lizzie, who now finds it difficult because she is not as selfish as she once was. The merge game fell, with Josie winning, only because of the twist that Lizzie’s life connected to Landon, which saved her. It gave fans the showdown they wanted without killing a main character.

13 That’s Nothing I Have to Remember (Season 2, Episode 6) – 8.5

Josie and Lizzie Saltzman holding hands

If there’s one thing fans appreciate more than a callback The Vampire Diaries or originalsIt’s a crossover episode. “That’s Nothing I Should Remember” screens the audience as one as Freya Mikkelson talks with Josie in New Orleans, originals.

Viewers find out that Freya and Kyleen have a baby, while Freya also helps Josie remember Hope, which everyone has forgotten. This was a huge episode where everyone remembers Hope, which led to mixed feelings from everyone, especially Landon and Josie, who started dating.

12 I Can’t Be The One Who Stops You (Season 4, Episode 9) – 8.5

Josie and Finch in Legacies

It was a surprise when legacies Introduced Aurora, one of the most interesting villains in The originals. This episode featured Hope taking over her body and having some confrontations with Lizzie, who was eventually tricked by Hope into helping her get her body back.

The most important aspect of this episode though centered around Josie. The fan-favorite character has officially left the series for good, which came as a shock to fans everywhere because she was previously unknown. The loss of Josie proved to be a sore point for many viewers.

11 This Can Only End in Blood (Season 4, Episode 19) – 8.5

MG at funeral

The penultimate episode of the series brought the usual twists and turns that the franchise has always done so well. The big confrontation between Hope and Kane finally happened and Kane had a weapon capable of killing the tribe, raising the stakes.

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Hope also faced off with Aurora, who somehow redeemed herself by sacrificing herself to save Hope, taking that character down a path no one really expected. The episode saw the heroes win and pave the way for an epic ending.

10 The Boy Who Still Got Too Much Good (Season 1, Episode 13) – 8.6

Alaric and Caleb in Legacies

After a fun road trip for most of the core characters, “The Boy Who Still Has So Much Good to Do” was a solid episode. The likes of Hope, Alaric, and Kaleb find many of their friends missing when they return to Salvatore’s school, giving the plot an interesting mystery to unravel.

They’ve been doing different things, culminating in Raphael turning into a werewolf and biting M.J., endangering his life. Although Hope’s blood was the cure that saved him, the episode also ended with a huge revelation, as Landon appears to have died, only to catch fire and return as the first phoenix in the franchise.

9 Mumbai Dear (Season 1, Episode 6) – 8.6

Alaric and Josette talking to their daughters

Like many of the other characters on these shows, the Saltzman twins have tragic back stories. Their mother was brutally murdered before they could even meet her, but that changed in “Mombie Dearest” where her ghost appeared on their 16th birthday and played a major role in the episode’s story.

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Of course, things couldn’t stay positive as she became a complete zombie and buried one of her daughters alive. This whole thing was brought on by a necromancer, who would become a recurring villain. This episode also highlighted Josie’s romance with Penelope, as well as the possible relationship between Hope and Raphael.

8 You Can’t Save Them All (Season 2, Episode 13) – 8.7

Hope Mikaelson surrounded by candles

In the eyes of many fans, the show’s highlight is the two-part arc where Kai Parker is back in the mix. This was the second half of that tale, as Kai escaped from the prison world and began to wreak havoc on the ordinary world, including those associated with him.

The push worked because Kai was a great opponent and felt like a real threat to everyone, especially considering his history of attacks on Joe and putting Elena to her magical sleep. Although other things happened, Kai was the main focus for good reason and Alaric finally getting to kill him was a welcome end.

7 We All Know That Day Was Coming (Season 4, Episode 3) – 8.8

Hope Mikaelson's Legacies

The main story of Season 4 revolves around how Hope deals with the loss of her boyfriend Landon. This episode watched her make the call to become the clan and officially convert. This led to one last dinner with her friends and family, including the return of her aunt Freya.

The whole process of turning and setting the tone for it is what made this loop work. By season 4, audiences had taken a keen interest in these characters, so just seeing them prepare for such a big moment together was enough.

6 See You On The Other Side (Season 4, Episode 4) – 8.9

Hope and Alaric in Legacies

It was a bit of a surprise when I found out that Malivore had been dealt with so early in Season 4. But that changed everything for the show going forward.

The sheer burden of killing the person she loved sent hope over the edge. She extinguished her feelings and decided that she did not want anyone to look for her, so she attacked him. It was one of the many terrible things Hope did with her humanity.

5 Just don’t be weird, okay? (Season 4, Episode 20) – 8.9

Joseph Morgan Klaus The Final Legacies

It can be difficult to achieve a great finale for a series when an episode was never intended to carry that weight. but, legacies She managed to finish things off satisfactorily while also giving fans what they wanted for years.

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Two of the biggest desires in legacies They were appearances from Caroline and Klaus. Fans got their wish when Caroline returned to take over Salvatore School and Klaus appeared in a touching pre-recorded letter he left for his daughter.

4 There’s Always a Hole (Season 1, Episode 16) – 8.9

Legacy team

Season 1 is built for the anticipated release of Malivore as the main antagonist going forward. Most fans probably think Malivore will find his way out and that will be the case legacies He took a different and often unexpected path. Hope was the only shot to stop them and she sacrificed herself.

Not only did she risk her life to do so but by jumping into the Malivore pit, she made sure no one would remember her in Season 2. It was a game-changer and culminated in an exciting episode that also saw a school battle with Triad powers, Josie near death, and even the appearance of headless knights.

3 Kay Parker Shadna (Season 2, Episode 12) – 8.9

The first half of Kay Parker’s return as main villain was titled “Kay Parker Shades Us”. Alaric travels to the prison world with his daughters to find Sebastian and three senior students trapped there. It so happened that Kay Parker, who killed Joe Laughlin, was also there.

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This episode saw him manipulate those around him to find a way out, where he eventually got past them as well. Kai persuaded Josie to do the thing that would lead to her becoming Dark Josie, making him a big villain for a few episodes while also firing the main arc in the final few episodes of the season.

2 I thought you’d be happier to see me (Season 4, Episode 5) – 9.0

Rebekah looks at someone in a still image of legacies

Besides Klaus and Caroline, fans have always hoped to get a glimpse of the Mickelson family members. After all, their motto was “always and forever,” yet they were almost never around to help Hope whenever she dealt with silly things.

That changed when Rebecca appeared in this episode, hoping to make her niece bring her humanity back. There was also a fun side plot featuring MG and Ethan working on the new Ethan powers that fans enjoyed.

1 All That Can Be Lost Can Also Be Found (Season 4, Episode 15) – 9.0

Freya, Marcel, Rebecca and Cole at the dinner table

The most anticipated episode of legacies Season 4 was easily “anything that can be lost can also be found.” Witnessed the return of Freya, Rebecca, Cole, and Marcel from originalsto bring back the Mikaelson clan with Hope.

It was worth just catching up with them and seeing where their lives went but the cherry on top was that Hope finally got her humanity back. She also had the opportunity to scatter her father’s ashes, raising the emotional level of this episode even further.

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