How to use the tracker on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

We’ve detailed the main differences between the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro before, although there was one feature we didn’t pay much attention to. This feature is the Track Panel, which allows you to set and follow specific hiking, walking, and biking trails. Honestly, methods might be the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s secret workout weapon. This guide will take you through creating a custom itinerary and how to follow it on your journey.

While there aren’t many differences between the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro, the road tile might be the Watch 5 Pro’s best feature. Designed for rugged use more than anything else, the Pro version caters to those who want to keep track of hiking or biking trails while not having to worry about battery life to say the least.

Track box on Watch 5 Pro

What helps make the Watch 5 Pro a perfect fit for this is the road tile, which is more of a widget than anything else. The path box is located to the right of the watch face. Scrolling through the tiles should help you find it. You can tap and hold on it to bring it closer to the home screen if needed.

This feature allows you to set and follow specific paths in your workouts, whether it’s running, hiking or a quick ride on your bike. You can think of the track feature as more of a dashboard companion. In essence, starting the path will move a few things.

First, the exercise starts for you. With it, it will keep track of your heart rate and duration of exercise. Second, it will start tracking your location while showing you the path it has set. This helps you stay on track while running or hiking.

Save and import tracks on Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Before you can even choose a route to hike or walk on, you need to load it onto your watch. There are two ways to do this:

  • Import the GPX file to your device
  • Record your own track

GPX files are great tools to use. It is accurate, easy to follow and has many use cases. Unfortunately, GPX files also generally cost money. Apps and websites like allow you to download GPX track files at a cost, usually in the form of a subscription.

On the other hand, the latter variant is completely free and easy to do. The downside to this method is that you need to hike, bike or road first without the help of your Galaxy Watch 5 Pro which tells you exactly where to go.

How to record GPS track on Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

  1. On your Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Start the exercise The GPS icon appears at the top.
    • NB: You should have a practice box to the right of the main watch face. Choose from recommended workouts or tap More.
  2. After starting the exercise, Walk, hike or bike the path you want to record.
  3. When you reach your destination, finish the exercise by Swipe left and hit End.

Once you have completed the exercise, this path will be recorded in the Samsung Health app linked to your account. From there, it’s easy to save the track and upload it to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

How to download a path to Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

  1. On your phone connected to the Watch 5 Pro, head to Samsung Health app.
  2. under exercise tab, click View log.
  3. Find the exercise you just completed and tap on it.
  4. You should see a recorded route. At the top, tap More icon.
  5. He hits save the way And change the name to something you will remember.
  6. Restart Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

After restarting the watch, you should be able to swipe to the right where the tiles live and find the track panel. This box should now contain an inserted path. Clicking on it will bring up an overview of the path.

Use the road plate

To start the track, tap beginningWatch 5 Pro will start the workout you originally recorded. For example, if you log the track as a walk, you will start a hiking exercise. If you register it as a bike path, it will start your cycling workout.

advice: If you recorded a one-way track, you can press the reverse way on the route details page. Then, starting the path will put you at the end of the direction to the start. This is important to get accurately to your destination.

galaxy watch 5 pro track the way

Once you’ve started a route, you may also want to adjust your settings. On the way, the Watch 5 Pro will give you audible directions. You may find this very useful or annoying. Either way, you’ll want to set your preferences by going to Settings in the Path panel. After starting the exercise, swipe from the left and tap Settings. From there, you can turn on/off audio guide.

Overall, the set of track and feature tiles is a great addition to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. If you are thinking of getting a Watch 5 Pro, this might be the feature that convinces you. With up to three days of battery life and excellent track-tracking tools, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the perfect complement to any outdoor and exercise enthusiast.

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