How to Mute Google Chrome Tabs – Put an End to Annoying Website Sound

If you came here looking for “how to mute Google Chrome tabs”, we can sympathize and the good news is that the answer is very simple. Chrome is the most popular web browser in existence and between searching for information, shopping or watching content, we tend to open countless tabs. Sometimes while browsing the web, we keep opening tab after tab and move on with our day. Unfortunately, sometimes in the midst of tabs that are rife with web travel, the site automatically plays audio from a video or ad, and background noise can be annoying and unwelcome.

Never fear, this how-to guide will help you mute the audio attack from those Chrome tabs no matter if you are using a Chromebook, MacBook or PC.

How to mute Google Chrome tabs

(Image credit: Google)

It’s easy to mute the sound in Google Chrome, just follow these simple steps:

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