Galaxy Watch 5 Pro vs Apple Watch 8 Pro: Which powerful smartwatch will win?

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro debuted at Samsung’s August Unpacked event and as rumors suggested it’s a solid version of the Galaxy Watch 5, which aligns well with the long-running rumors of the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro. While the Pro appears to be the most likely option, it could also be an Apple Watch Max, Sports, Extreme, or Explorer Edition.

We only have leaks and rumors of work for the new, rugged Apple Watch, but the quality and quantity of the sources that back it up feels like smoke is way too thick for a fire to happen. It’s interesting to see both Samsung and Apple suddenly looking to tackle this market years later, so let’s take a closer look at how the two “Pro” smartwatches should stack up against each other.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro vs Apple Watch 8 Pro comparison: How powerful are they?

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