FANTTIK Pre Prime Day: The Most Used Tire Inflator & Jump Starter

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You don’t have to wait for Prime Day to get some amazing deals on car accessories this summer. Before the messy day of Amazon Prime Day, spend an extra $1 to book your favorite flight companion in advance. Release stress and embrace peace of mind right away.

Fanttik will bring the X8 Apex Tire Inflator in Under $90 (Using the code on the website and don’t forget the $20 Amazon coupon.) Roll your wheels now, the news is that all current Fanttik car accessories are already for sale on the Fanttik website.

The Fanttik X8 Apex has a maximum pressure of 150 psi to meet a variety of inflation needs, from car, motorcycle and bicycle tires to recreational inflatables such as sports balls. Using the latest technology and a powerful motor, the X8 Apex features up to 50% faster inflation speeds than other blowers with an accuracy of ±1 psi. The inflator takes only 14 seconds to inflate a single road bike tire (0-45PSI), and less than 6 minutes for a 205/55 R16 (0-36PSI) car tire. Therefore, it catches fire terribly quickly and powerfully. The X8 Apex also comes with five preset modes for easy inflation: car, motorcycle, bike, ball and manual, allowing users to have fast and safe inflation of their inflatables at all times.

Fanttik F8 Apex

Furthermore, Fanttik also offers the T8 Apex Jump Starter, a smart wireless jump starter with sports car exterior design, with superior starting power to start a powerful engine. With 65W bi-directional fast charging and a 12V car battery booster package (65W charger included), the T8 Apex Jump Starter is intended for up to 8.5L gas and 6L diesel engines. This basically covers all ranges of smart ignition cars.


With summer holidays approaching, many of us will be spending more time on the road with friends and family. The trip itself is part of the excitement of a destination, taking you on a journey through the words of “America the Beautiful,” complete with expansive skies, purple peaks, and waves of amber grain. Just don’t forget to bring your essential car accessories to secure your trip.

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