Delete and uninstall Mac apps the right way

Apple offers a number of different ways to complete a variety of tasks within its macOS operating system, one of which makes it easy to remove apps from your device. macOS computer. If you have just bought one of the new Apple MacBook laptops or Mac desktop computers and are wondering what is the best way to delete and uninstall Mac apps.

This quick guide will show you how to do it Uninstall apps on Mac the right way, making sure that no other problems occur after removing it. If you’ve moved from a Windows machine or are new to macOS, you’ll be glad to know that Apple makes it easier to uninstall apps from your Mac than on Windows machines.

Before we start to mention one thing, but you are probably already familiar with it. Is this when you Uninstall the app From your Mac, it will be permanently removed and you will lose any data within the app. However, if you save your documents to iCloud or similar, they will stay. Allowing you to reinstall the app at a later time if needed or to correct any problems. Although, once the application is successfully uninstalled, you may not be able to open the documents you created with this application due to certain file endings associated with the program.

Apps in macOS

the Apple macOS Stores all installed Mac applications in the “Application” folder, which is easy to access from the bottom right corner of the Mac screen, and some icons on the left of “WastebasketIcon. As you move your mouse over the icons in the menu bar, the right folder, a text bubble titled “Icon” appears.ApplicationsIt will appear. Simply click on it to open a window showing all your currently installed Mac apps.

1. Delete a Mac app

Hover over the app you want to delete and long-press on its icon to drag the app icon to the “Bin” icon located in the lower right corner of the menu bar by default. Once you bypass the trash icon, release your finger from the mouse button and the app will fall into the trash and be removed from your system. But the app will not be completely removed until you empty the basket. After emptying the Trash, you can no longer restore the app to its previous location.

2. Uninstall Mac Apps

Another way to remove apps from your Mac is with the Finder. again to go to Applications folder Inside Finder and locate the app you wish to delete from your Mac. You can also use the Mac Spotlight search tool to find the application directly. Type in its name and then press and hold the Command key while double-clicking the app in Spotlight, this will take you directly to the app’s location in the Finder. Once you find the app you wish to delete, simply drag it to the trash as before.

Uninstall Mac Apps

Apple may ask you to enter your username and password to Confirm app deletionThis is only the name and password for the management account and may be the same details you enter to log into your Mac. If you have one of the latest Apple computers, you will be able to complete this using the Touch ID fingerprint recognition system. Again, if you deleted the wrong app and want to restore the app from Bin before emptying it, just open the Bin folder by right-clicking the mouse button on the app and selecting “put it backTo restore the app to its original location.

3. Use Launchpad to delete Mac apps

The last method you can use to delete and uninstall apps on your Mac computer is using a file launcher. Opening the launch panel will provide a view of all your installed applications. A long press on any icon will start the well-known Apple icon vibrating, and small circles with “x“In the upper left corner on some icons, allowing you to simply click on them to uninstall. If the icon doesn’t have a small circle in it”xIn it, just drag the icon toWastebasket“like before.

If you still have problems deleting apps from your Mac computer, you can always try to contact the creators of the app or contact Apple Support directly. If you inadvertently uninstall an app from your Mac, you can always reinstall it by visiting the official Apple App Store or the developer’s website.

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