Circus Electrique steampunk-Circus RPG

Chris Baker, Creative Director Zen Studios took to the official PlayStation Blog this week to reveal more details about the new Circus Electrique steampunk-Circus RPG that will officially launch in a few months on September 6, 2022. Check in in the trailer announcement below for more info. Details on what to expect from an RPG created by the team behind Darkest Dungeon.

Sometime in late 2019, a small team of creative minds at Zen Studios gave an idea to the rest of us: ‘Let’s make an RPG in a London steampunk version where all of your playable heroes are circus performers. Pretty much everyone who read the presentation – myself included – reacted in a way that I hope you’ll share upon hearing such a premise: “What a crazy idea…love it!” Just a few weeks after Circus Electrique was released in September 6, let me think about how it all turned out – and the other ways the game distinguishes itself from other RPGs, too…”

Steampunk-Circus RPG

The idea for the project, which was first referred to as “Circus Scandal”, came about when team members were fresh off RPGs at Zen Studios, such as first-person crawlers: The Stolen Sun, Tactical Dread Nautical Roguelite, and 4X type mishmash CastleStorm II They all expressed our desire to bring another RPG to life.

At Zen, it’s important to make the kinds of games we want to play ourselves…and it just so happens that in recent years, a relatively new subgenre of RPG has particularly impressed many of us, the best example being Darkest Dungeon. And in the midst of this darkness, the lamp went off: “We enjoy this kind of game. Let’s make our own.”

To sum things up simply, the world of Circus Electrique was identical to ours until 1873, when a great innovation revolutionized electricity, sending the timeline in an even more powerful direction. Our story unfolds 26 years later, after a horrific event known as Maddening caused ordinary people to attack the innocent. , seemingly beyond their control. Mysteriously immune to insanity, the performers of Electric Circus have joined our hero Amelia in a quest to find out how all this happened, and how to stop it.”

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