Apple Studio Display Firmware Update Released

Apple Studio Display owners have reported issues with the sound and speakers on the device.

Apple has now released a firmware update designed to fix sound issues on this screen, the update is now available for download.

Since Apple launched the Studio Display, device owners have encountered a number of issues with the on-screen speakers. Given the monitor’s starting price of £1,499, it’s not something you’d expect.

Obviously this new firmware update will fix the problem, the firmware version is 15.5 which is the same as the last one but this one comes with a different build number.

You can install this new firmware update on Studio Display when it is connected to your Mac, and you need to go to System Preferences > Software Update, after that you will be able to install the latest firmware.

Studio Display launched back in March and the device has had a number of issues over the past few months. We hope that the latest firmware update will be able to resolve the last issue.

Apple has a number of new Macs coming out this year and also the next major version of macOS, macOS Ventura which is expected to arrive in October.

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